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Cyclocross 2013 - By Dani Parker

2013 is my first full season of having a go at Cyclocross! I joined towy riders last year. It was on the Saturday of the fireworks weekend. I was surprised and pleased that the coaches asked and encouraged me to compete the next day in a cyclocross race at Pembrey. I was only able to complete 2 races in 2012 that were both really exhausting but great fun!

Cyclocross 2013 for me has been an awesome experience! It’s been hard work, challenging, tiring, great fun and a little muddy (Cardiff). My favorite race of 2013 was Cwmbran, I enjoyed that it was technical in places and had a bit of everything, from riding in the woods, tackling hills, challenging bends. It was really great fun for the first race, especially as I was nervous that I would be struggling as I felt I did in 2012.

My worst race in the series was at Carmarthen (our own club event), because I had a very silly fall that hurt my ankle and I had to wear a cast for three weeks, so couldn't do any cycling. The most challenging race for me would be a tie between Pembrey and Cardiff. Pembrey as I did not feel well so the hills felt like mountains!

Cardiff was tough as I felt like I was spinning my legs and sinking and not moving, but it was great fun to be muddy! The most scary race for me was probably Newtown because I hadn't been able to go on the bike for weeks and had missed two Cyclecross races, I was nervous that I wouldn't do as well as I wanted, but I surprised myself and did much better than I was expecting, so I was pleased.I enjoyed the whole season, riding with great friends and supporting each other is very important to me. I am proud that I am the under 12’s third girl of 2013!

Looking forward to 2014!

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