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Icebreaker - 2015 (Final Round)

The Towy riders youth cycling club were in action in the final round of the British Cycling Icebreaker championships in Newport at the international velodrome last weekend. The club had competitors in most of the the youth categories for both girls and boys. The riders had to compete in three different races over the course of the day with fast and furious racing. The under 12’s kicked off the racing with immediate success for the Towies. Rosie Finucane dominated winning all three races, taking 1st place on the day and the overall Icebreaker championships. Iolo Dafydd was joint leader coming into the final round. Showing a fantastic turn of speed he took 1st on the day and was crowned overall Icebreaker champion starting.

Both Rosie and Iolo won the titles after Rosie’s sister Emma and Iolo’s brother Guto had won the title last year for Towy riders. Emma Finucane racing in the under 14’s came a fantastic 14th overall with Danni Parker racing competitively in the mix throughout. The racing in the under 14 boys proved fast and frantic with numerous crashes throughout the day with 48 riders pushing themselves to the limit. Owain Roberts kept a level head and with fast legs took a fantastic 3rd place on the day and a brilliant 2nd place overall.

Cian Roberts had his best event with 15th overall. The Towies look to continue their success on road next weekend racing in Aberporth.

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