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Towy Riders Cycle Club - 2018 Time Trial Series Report

The inaugural Series took place fortnightly this year from the 3rd of April through to the 4th of September, with one course utilized, a ten mile out and back route on the A40 from Dryslwyn to Llandeilo.

It was an opportunity to introduce the Club members young and old to the discipline and also to encourage potential new members.

2018 Grand Prix standings

Overall Champion = Iago WILLIAMS (Junior)

Female Champion = Janette REYNOLDS

Veteran Champion = Joni WILLIAMS

Senior Champion = Carl DAVIES

Junior Champion = Iago WILLIAMS


Over the twelve rounds, for which the best 9 placings for each riders 9 would count towards the Grand Prix, the statistics were as follows;

  1. Total riders participating = 92

  2. Most participants at an event = 13

  3. Least participants at an event = 4 (really hard core in that evening’s weather!)

  4. Average participants = 7.6

  5. Riders participating from other Clubs (other than Towy / TRCC) = 7

  6. Riders participating who were not affiliated to a Club = 5

  7. Total Under 16 participants = 37

  8. Total female participants = 9

  9. Course Record as at end of series = 22mins 33secs set by Arwel DAVIES on 21/08/2018.


The Cycling Time Trials (CTT) levy for 2018 was set as £2 per rider per event (covers third party liability) and this was paid by every rider during all twelve rounds, totalling £184.00 made payable to the CTT.

From Round two until twelve an additional £1 was paid per rider towards Towy Riders Cycle Club (TRCC) as a revenue generator towards future time trial equipment purchases; this season’s total for the Club came to £85. This figure will go towards the purchase of signs / stop watches etc.

Notable Incidents

  1. The course record battle - Marker initially set down by Matt BLUE at the first event on the 3rd of April 2018 of 23min 16secs (after going for a run first then a run after it - Triathletes eh!)

  2. Owain ROBERTS (Team Backstedt / Hotchilli) takes the record on 12th of June 2018 with a ride of 23min 02sec.

  3. Carl DAVIES attends his first event on 17th of July and produces a stellar performance of overreaction (following emptying the tank on his ride) by writhing around on the grass outside the bus stop in Dryslwyn. Enough said about that!

  4. The Battle of the 7th of August. Arwel DAVIES (off at rider No. 3) breaks the course record by setting a time of 23min 01sec, only for it to be beaten a short while later by Owain ROBERTS (off at rider No. 6) who set the new record at 22min 43sec.

  5. Two weeks later - 21st of August, Arwel DAVIES comes out all guns blazing and sets the new course record of 22min 33sec.

  6. Showdown of 4th September - significant in that it is the final race of the Series. Tony JONES comes out of the blue to take part (but we all know he’s up for the record taking as he completes a thorough warm up and has Olbas Oil dripping from his nostrils!). Owain ROBERTS is also up for it having taken the Facebook bait stressing that Arwel has the record. Cool as a cucumber Arwel DAVIES does not participate (confidence). The outcome - Tony comes in at 22min 25secs with a phantom front wheel puncture (AGAIN) which he says he rode on from Llandeilo!!! and Owain comes in at 22min 39sec. Arwel had done his homework and had read his tea leaves correctly!

Big, big thank you to all of you who helped to organise the events on each of the rounds - you know who you are.

The future

Next year I propose to run a weekly series over the same period, again on a Tuesday evening, with a variation of courses run on a four week rotation.

It will involve week 1 - current 10 mile course, week 2 - 15 mile course, week 3 - new (circuit) 10 mile course & week 4 - hillclimb (different venue every fourth week).

This will mean that there will be 24 rounds in the series.

Next year also sees the Club CTT Levy increase to £3 per rider which means an increase for participants. I would like the views of those taking part to consider this in line with the increased rounds and ask what option they would like to take with regards payment (you will have to pay the £3 levy regardless).

Option 1 - Everyone pays £3 levy + £1 for the Club to generate revenue as has been done this year,

Option 2 - Everyone only pays the £3 levy and no revenue generation for the Club,

Option 3 - Club members to pay £3 only and non-members / other Club members participating to pay levy + £1.

I would like to encourage more participants from within the Club and also from other, surrounding Clubs, along with enabling a platform for the Over 12’s to start time trialling as well as increasing female participation. Have a think.

After 2019, and dependant upon how the series goes, it would be great to see the Club host an “OPEN” event within the South Wales District on one of our courses and make it an annual occurrence.

See you at the awards ceremony


Full Results - here

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