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The history of cycling in Carmarthen

Carmarthen Velodrome

Carmarthen Park has a long standing history with recreational cycling. The 405 metre long oval track was built within the park grounds for the people of Carmarthenshire and opened on Easter Monday in 1900.

It was a hub from where 1000’s would watch the Herculean efforts of bygone racers charging round the track on their E.C. Simmons bikes. It is believed to be the oldest outdoor concrete velodrome in the World, that had been in continuous use up until recent times.

Sadly, the track then suffered at the hands of time and was for a time considered unsafe to use.

We are delighted to say that through local & National support it has recently secured large investments from Sports Wales, Carmarthenshire County Council & Carmarthen Town Council. This has enabled the completion of a full restoration program to the track. It has an all weather surface and the additional safety features that are required to ensure it is once again able to showcase events in these modern times. The track is now in full operation and managed through Carmarthen Town council. It is open to the public to use at anytime there is not a booking. Welsh Cycling, Towy Riders and other local clubs often run training sessions on the track for various abilities.


Further information regarding the track can found on the velodrome's website.


Towy Riders Cycle Club

The Velodrome is home to Towy Riders Cycle Club which is one of the largest and strongest cycling clubs in the UK. Founded in 2007, the club’s membership ranges from ages 6+. This is broken down in to youth categories E,D,C,B & A. E being U8's up to A which is U16's. All youth category riders will be seen in the distinctive Gold & Red kit.

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