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​Go-Ride Sessions (U16's)


Go-Ride is a British Cycling programme for developing cycling skills for children.


GoRide sessions are run on a weekly basis on Saturday mornings, riding in one of 4 session groups. The first group starts at 9:30 and the fourth group finishes at 12:45. Groups are based on rider skills and will be allocated by the session coaches. Riders are expected to be ready 15 minutes before their group start time for a session briefing and "M-check".



We currently have access to a number of venues including Carmarthen Park, Carmarthen Showground and Llangunnor Community Park. The venue/session will be confirmed using a session WhatsApp group and social media (Twitter and Facebook) before the session commences. Social media posts can also be viewed via the latest feeds on the website homepage.



If you're interested in joining our sessions, please contact us stating the first name, age and any previous cycling experience of your child. Your child must be a competent rider on 2 wheels (without stabilisers).


We have experienced a great demand since the Coronavirus pandemic while also been restricted on how many riders we can safely train, so there is a waiting list for spaces. You will be added to the waiting list and one of our coaches will be in touch when a space comes available. Your child will be allocated to an appropriate group and offered to sign up and pay for a first block of sessions. After this initial trial period you will be expected to join the club and benefit from the instruction of our British Cycling qualified Coaching Team.


Safety in the sessions is paramount, speed is secondary. Progression up through the groups is skills based, and riders must show the ability to ride safely with others before advancing. Older riders may feel they are in a group with much younger children, but experience shows that they progress quicker to the next group when the coach thinks they are ready.


The club runs race development sessions on a Tuesday evening for the more skilled riders. This is by invitation of the session coach, feel free to discuss with your coach during the Saturday morning sessions.

As well as improving their basic riding skills, many Club members go on to successfully compete in youth categories at both Regional & National levels.

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