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Cycle Maintenance Information

Below are some video tutorials of various cycle maintenance techniques. Please be aware that these are for guidance only and aimed at the bike enthusiast who may wish to learn some additional knowledge around their cycling. The intention is for the user of this website to have a centralised resource. I shall add various videos of varying complexity of task surrounding the service & repair of different components/systems found on a bicyle, whether it's a road bike or complex full suspension mountain bike. I hope to include road/trail repairs guides with tips on how best to complete a simple field fix enabling the rider to get home. This will include information on the most useful tools & spares that a rider would ideally take out with them.

Please note : As with any bike maintenance issues, if you are in any doubt with regard the serviceability of your own bike and dont feel confident in completing your own servicing then please seek advice from a knowledgeable/qualified bike mechanic...


​Carrying out a bike Safety Check

​Adjusting brakes

​How to adjust gears - Front

​How to adjust disk brakes

​How to repair a chain

​Fitting a Road Bike

​How to adjust a Rear Derailleur

​Repairing a puncture

​How to install cables

​How to fix a buckled wheel

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